Saturday, 24 January 2009

Midweek Pampering Break

This is the entrance to the Crieff Hydro Hotel where I stayed on Wednesday and Thursday with my Mum. Before we went to the hotel we had most of Wednesday to 'do something'. So we drove up from her home to Blair Atholl where we went to the House of Bruar where we had coffee and then looked at all the cashmere and other lovely things. We had lunch in Pitlochry then drove down to Crieff through the Sma' Glen, not a very good idea really as there was still a lot of snow on the hills and at one point I thought it was going to start snowing, the rain was definitely a bit sleety. Anyway we arrived at about 3pm
You can see there is still some snow on the hills in the view from the window of our room. Although Wednesday had started out a very nice sunny day, it deteriorated in the afternoon and Thursday was a horrible wet day, we never left the hotel all day.
This is our room, both Mum and I loved the curtains, which were very heavy and embroidered with thistles (see below).
I don't have any pictures of our beauty treatments, thank goodness I hear you say lol, I had a full body hot stone massage, and a Holistic Facial massage. All very lovely, but we were like zombies when we came out of the beauty salon, we were so relaxed and fell asleep in the afternoon. The evening meals were very good, we tried out both of the restaurants, one each evening. I would definitely go back as the service was excellent and there were excellent facilities.
After checking out on Friday, we drove to Dundee and then over the road bridge to Tayport to pick up my great-aunt and take her to lunch at Wormit. The sun had come out, so I took some pics of the Tay Rail Bridge, the River Tay and Dundee on the other side. There isn't a station in Wormit anymore, but I can remember my sister and I being put on the train at Wormit and our gran meeting us when we got to Dundee.
Dundee from the Fife side of the river Tay.
Yes, that is a train! I arrived home at lunch time Saturday and it was back to laundry and a demanding cat! You would think no-one had fed her since I left (obviously not true!). I had a birthday cake to make for my DS1 this afternoon, more of that tomorrow.


  1. Wow Janice you have been busy. I'm glad you and your mum had a relaxing couple of days.

    I agree the curtains look fab.


  2. Fab photos, Janice - glad you both had a good, relaxing time. x

  3. Welcome back Janice. :o)

    Glad to hear you had a nice time with your mum. Fab photos & those curtains!! wow!!!

  4. Mmmm, sounds very relaxing. The best I got out of Crieff Hydro was a quick cuppa while DH was trying to connect to broadband! Glad you and your mum had a good time and those curtains do look lovely!

  5. Looks a fabulous time and how lucky to have a pamper while spending time with your mum. xx

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely relaxing time with your Mum Janice. I do love those curtains and how you managed to come back and then bake a cake, I do not know, LOL. Well done. XX

  7. Thrilled you had a fantastic time but come I didn't get an invite then ???? hehe XXX


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