Saturday, 10 January 2009

HS:MS:HS - Catch up!

I had a look at HS:MS:HS this week, but never got round to posting any pics, so thought I do a mass catch up. The Beginnning photo is the start of a project I did for Bubbly Funk, it's a felt coaster with a layer of spices in it, so that when you put your hot cup on it, you get a gorgeous aroma of cinnamon and cloves.
I have to apologise for using some of these photos before, I'm not big into hearts or spheres in my house, or so it would seem when I went to look for some! I love my heart shaped decoration, so it's coming out again!
Those lovely round, red holly berries have long gone, the birdies have gobbled them up, but they were pretty.
Now this is something I did make today! It's a light box because I'm fed up with only being able to take pictures at the weekend, you can see how to make one HERE I haven't quite got my technique right yet, but I can certainly take pics of cards and small objects without using flash.
New College Oxford is over 620 years old. I think that is quite old, don't you? No apologies for using this shot again, I just loved Oxford and staying at New College in October was a real highlight to my year.


  1. Great shots Janice.

    It's good fun looking for relevant objects. Love the choices that you've made. :o)

    Good Luck with the light box.


  2. Oooo loving your homemade light studio Janice. You made that quickly.

  3. Great photos Janice! I should get back into HSMSHS! I adore your heart decoration, utterly gorgeous!!

  4. Fab catch up piccies and great new banner again. I do love that staircase shot!

  5. Great catch up - and what a pretty new header. x


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