Sunday, 25 November 2007

No Pictures - arghh

Yes, another post without pictures. Have had some majorly serious computer problems this weekend, just as well we have 2 pcs. Both have been playing up, but the one with the printer and card reader for downloading my pictures has had major surgery over the weekend. It is in recovery now and I am hoping to get some pics up later today.

I had a lovely, lovely day yesterday at the BubblyFunk cybercrop, first time I've done anything like this and I thought I would have managed to make more things. However, I did get a couple of projects completed, not without some trauma, I have to say. It was good to challenged to do things you wouldn't normally attempt. Those are the pics I am hoping to post later.

One of the craft fairs that I had planned to attend has been cancelled, bit of a relief really, but the other one is next Sunday, so I had better get on and make some more felt brooches with my fabulous embellisher machine - I really love it.

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