Sunday, 4 November 2007


The blackbirds have feasted on the cottoneaster since August and now the leaves have turned the most gorgeous shade of red. This will probably be the last year I will see this from my dining room window as all the shubs have grown too big and are blocking the light at the back of the house so we plan to take them all out next year and just have some grass. I do have another cottoneaster in another part of the garden, indeed it tends to self-seed and bits pop up all over the place.


  1. Beautiful shot. the colour is just gorgeous!

  2. My cotoneasters are just turning this gorgeous shade of red right now too! Isn't nature wonderful?

  3. Love your 'show off' shot today Janice.

  4. Mine look like that but I'm sure I couldn't get a decent shot of them - yours is lovely!

  5. Lovely colours, great pic.


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