Saturday, 3 November 2007


This is me, this morning before I had my hair cut. I was going to take another pic after my haircut, but I was so tired that I thought I would look wrecked. If you look closely in my eye (the one on the left of the picture - which is my right eye IYSWIM) you will see the little brown bit I was talking about in my seven random facts.


  1. Great shot, Janice - will we have to wait till next Saturday to see the new haircut?

  2. Great shot Janice, one of my friends DD's has blue eyes and one has a brown fleck....very unusual.

  3. Great shot Janice :)

    There's not many of us taking part today . . . . sps can get you like that!

    Going to check your eye out again :)


  4. Great pic! You have a lovely smile :-)

    I have a bit of a brown blodgy bit going on too in one eye. In fact they are a bit of a bluey, greeny, browny colour. I like to be different :-)

  5. Great shot -thanks for sharing.


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