Monday, 1 August 2011

Pot Fest in the Park - Hutton in the Forest

We went for a day out to the Pot Fest in the Park at Hutton in the Forest, Cumbria yesterday.  My SIL visits it every year,  I went with her three years ago but Mr Farmer has never been.  It was a bit of a grey day, but not cold and the rain kept away until we had returned home.

These clay sculptures were favourites for both Mr Farmer and I, but like all good things they were quite expensive!

I was fascinated by this display piece which had been part of an art exhibition in a church and this exhibit is about death.  These are dead flies, the point being that although people die, even more insects die.  When you approached it looked like white leaves on the mirror, it was only when you got close you saw that they were flies!
As well as the stalls selling pottery, there is a competition which each of the exhibitors can enter. The theme of it was 'The March of Time'.  There were quite a few Dandelion references, but I liked this one best.

I thought this 'family' piece was very beautiful.

This one represented aging with the baby, adult and aged heads.  I like the way the baby looks up to the future, the adult looks straight ahead and the old person has a bowed head.

This was a fun piece of the Viking Long Ship,  not quite sure how it fitted with the theme though!

I loved this piece, the shoes and bag are all pottery and the label was from the Titanic, very clever.  I have a pottery handbag made by this designer which SIL bought me for my 50th birthday.

We then went into the lovely walled garden that belongs to the House, it has fabulous borders and lots of photo opportunities.  There also seemed to be an abundance of apples, pears and plums on the trees.  But more of that tomorrow ;)


  1. Oooh, some fab pieces! I love the Titanic travel chest, fabulous take on the theme and beatuifully executed, hope it won!

  2. Oh Janice, I really like that family piece and aren't those boots really clever! I would love to go to something like this where you have the 'fun' pieces in amongst the more profound, HUGS xxx

  3. When I first read the title I thought, "Whoa, very progressive town!" So I was really surprised to see all this incredible work. All very unique which often doesn't happen at a craft show, Great work.

  4. Oooo these are fab Janice, I can see why you liked the expensive ones!! Such an unusual exhibition xx

  5. WOW! those are stunning-there's some really clever people out there :)

  6. These are lovely, what a great idea and some really unusual pieces on display here. A great find!

  7. wow the last photo is brilliant - I would never have known they were made of ceramic if you haven't said - very lifelike they look.



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