Sunday, 4 April 2010

Wreck this Journal

Some of the forum members at Bubbly Funk have bought this book including me!  It's an unusual journal with lots of interesting prompts involving smearing it with food, breaking the spine and posting it to yourself.  One of the first ones I did was to take the book into the shower, it curled up nicely without doing too much damage and the pages didn't stick together.  

Last night I filled in this page 'Fill the page with circles'  I used my Ranger Acrylic Paint Dabbers to make the big circles and then just some coloured pens to make lots of little circles, it was quite therapeutic.  There is no particular order to do these in, it is really quite anarachic and as, for most of us, destroying books is such a taboo, it actually feels great to give yourself permission to do just that!

Oh and by the way, remember that lovely Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg competition?  I WON!  Woo hoo!  I've blogged about it HERE


  1. oooo LOVE that page Janice but did you stand still in the shower??? Your book has hardly suffered hahahaha XXX

  2. I think your circle page is ace Janice.

    Maybe you are suppose to read the book under the shower and that might destroy it more? hahaha


  3. Love this page Janice xxx

  4. Fantastic Janice. :D Really bright & colourful. Eeh I remember when my front cover looked like that!! hehe.. have fun...xx

  5. Fantastic circle page, love it!


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