Sunday, 11 April 2010

Dear Deer

Yesterday we went for our New Year lunch!  Every year we are invited for lunch on New Year's Day at my DH's cousin's farm which is up on a hillside.  Due to the very icy and snowy conditions this year, the lunch was postponed and earlier this week we got a phone call to ask us to come up this weekend.

They told us that they had had a lot of Roe Deer coming close to the house this year due to the lack of grass for them on the higher ground and on our way home we met one of those deer. I only had my phone camera so they are not great shots, but I though I'd share them anyway.

Can you see the deer's white rump flashing as he/she runs for cover?

Looks like there is nothing there doesn't it?

But if you look closely you can see the beastie, how wonderfully they are camouflaged in their natural environment.


  1. Lovely photos Janice with more of your scenery you lucky thing xxx

  2. Lovely, aren't they? Hope they're not doing damage on the farm, though!

  3. I love to see deer in their natural environment. You were lucky to get the pic! We have them down here too XXX

  4. Lucky you to see a wild deer. :)

  5. I'm so glad I read far enough to have you explain why you were celebrating New Years on April 11th. I was busily thinking " there some British calendar I'm not aware of?"


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