Thursday, 22 April 2010

Wedding Photos

There are wedding bells in the air (for my son), and my friends are all desperate to see what I am wearing and I'm not showing them lol!  So instead I thought I would entertain you with a photo from an earlier wedding.

In fact it was my uncle Johnny's wedding, my mum's brother.  That's my mum, dad and my gran with me (in the blue hat and matching gloves) and my sister in the pink.  Look at those hideous, 'sensible' shoes! 

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  1. Oh have your Mums smile my lovely!

    Every lady wore gloves back then didn't they? I remember my Mum saying that you just didn't go out without your gloves & a hat! Have to say that the ladies were much more stylish then. XXX

  2. Those shoes... at least you're smiling whilst wearing them. Have you seen your sister's scowl? HAHA!

    Great photo Janice.


  3. I love this picture! Everyone looks so classy and elegant!! I'm sure it was a wonderful day!

  4. I bet those shoes were comfy though, eh? I confess it's the knee length white socks that get me :haha: Fabby photo, definitely a slice of nostalgia!

  5. I love pictures like this! It's so fun see what everyone is wearing! Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!

  6. You woman of mystery you ;)
    I had Buster Brown shoes growing up. My Mom only had hand me down shoes during war time in Germany, so she thought I should have the best ... ahem, they were brown and very sensible too ;)

  7. great photo janice-although your sister doesn't look too happy!!! bet those shoes were hurting her LOL

  8. A-ha! Now we know where you got your smile from! Hhhmm not sure your sister is very happy with her shoes.
    It's a lovely photos Janice, I do enjoy seeing these.
    Now, show us your wedding outfit xxx

  9. Janice you do look smart in your hat and matching gloves - shame about the shoes.

    That was then now show us what you are going to wear in May!!!! x



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