Thursday, 12 November 2009

Those Sixties Hairstyles!

Another episode of 'Down on the Farm' the story of my husband's childhood!

Those 60’s Hairstyles

"This must be around 66 or 67, I would be around 10 or 11, the yard had been concreted, but unfortunately, my dad still cut my hair with, believe it or not, the electric cow clippers, which I am sure had exposed cable hanging out the back. Despite my protestations about wanting a Beatles haircut, it always looked like this. I think this was taken shortly after such a haircut.

I'm sure my sister's was the height of fashion at the time, not sure about mum's though, but at least she was wearing her nylon coat which she used to go into the henhouse to collect the eggs and then clean them ready for collection."

Kit & Alpha - Strawberry Fields "Designs by Redju of Digiscrapbook"
Fonts - Ravie & Fingerpop


  1. thats great :)
    is the journalling included somewhere on the lo!? if not-IT SHOULD BE LOL

  2. Oh my word what a haircut. Think Brian looks more dashing nowadays. hahaha
    Great layout Janice and keep them coming - can't wait for tomorrows.


  3. tracy - As it's a digital LO there isn't anywhere else to put the journalling, but I'm beginning to think I'll have to make some 'real' pages for these photos and the journalling, there was another half page of writing that went with this photo!

    Tracey - that's it for this week, so there wont be any posting tomorrow, hope you are not too disappointed.

  4. LOL oh that's funny about having his haircut with the cow clippers!!

    What a brilliant photo, journal and LO. I'm so loving these too.

  5. Those 60’s Hairstyles were just a prelude to the 70's big hairstyles :)

    Cute! I like the strawberries.

  6. Great story lol, the things our parents did. Great lo too

  7. Cattle clippers - now there's a thought! Probably just the pre0-curosr of the electric clippers you get these days for beards and hair - maybe it's where the idea came from! Love the LO but I think you're right - paper and hidden journalling spots required for some of these for sure!

  8. I think we all have photos of embarassing haircuts, but I've never had mine done with cow clippers!

    Purely Stamping

  9. Fab strawberry papers...perfect for your down on the farm series!!

    I think in NZ the sheep shearers were more in need of a haricut than the sheep!!

  10. Good ole' 60's!! I was born in 1969!

  11. Oh those boy-hair cuts that were called "Pixies"! I had one, too. My mom argued that it wasn't a boy-haircut, but when I look back on the pictures, people wonder who the cute little boy was!

  12. This is fab! love the story of the haircutting!

  13. Fabulous Janice. What wonderful memories you are capturing. Thanks for sharing them with us. I've something on my blog for you...thought of you straight away when it came to passing it on. Hope you get time to play, no worries if you don't. Hope your painful ear settled down. Gez.xx


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