Thursday, 5 November 2009

If I couldn't join an Irish Boy Band...

Journalling:...If I couldn't join an Irish Boy Band, I might try my hand as a Andy Stewart impersonator (a one time favourite Scottish singer). My failure to break into this market left me so traumatised I never wore a kilt again...and that yard still hasn't been concreted!

Continuing the series of of layouts featuring my husband's childhood photographs for Friday Photo Flashback. Here we see him in a kilt, indeed he has never worn one again, but hee hee hee, all that will change next May as our son is getting married and yes, you guessed it, it will be a kilt affair - so you will see him in Scottish national dress after all.

Kits: Time Passages - Lisa Bowman, Rebel without a pause for Digital Craft Cottage
Remembrance of Times Past - Digital Craft Cottage
Denim Fancy - Donna, for Digital Craft Cottage
Frame/Tag - Finuf


  1. Lol! that's a great LO. Look forward to seeing the grown up Brian in his kilt at the wedding x

  2. I suspect that these days, even Andy Stewart might fail in the Andy Stewart impersonator market! I'm sure Brian will look just as handsome in his kilt next May as he did back then - bless!

  3. Oh, he looks darling, and I look forward to the pictures of your sons wedding!

  4. Awe how cute does Brian look??? mmm...I remember Andy Stewart...New Years Eve has never been the same without him! Brilliant LO X

  5. GREAT picture!! My goal in life is to organize my pictures - OK, that's not a real lofty goal, but it's up near the top let me tell ya! Just too precious ~ ♥

  6. Awwwww...he looks SO CUTE in that little kilt!


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