Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Color (Colour) It

I took my camera to work yesterday as it was a beautiful day and the campus I was working at has a fantastic parkland around it. This photo was just right for the 'Color It' (I find it really difficult to spell in American lol!) challenge at Digital Craft Cottage. This month's colour was pastel yellow, I have let a few other colours slip in there, but it is predominantly yellow.

I made the papers myself including the 'impressionist' leaves paper, the elements are from Scraporchard's September 2008 Mega kit. Font is 'Informal Roman'.


  1. Gorgeously vivid photograph Janice! Wish I worked somewhere so beautiful and colourful!


  2. Love the vivid colours! (I have a difficult time spelling in American too even though it is my native tongue) :)

  3. Beautiful contrast with the laves and the sunny blue sky! Love your impressionistic leaves paper - fab LO!

  4. Such a pretty page Janice. Don't the colours look stunning against the blue sky.xx

  5. Well, you creative little jelly bean you!!! And you just spell however you want - add all the extra letters you want to! ha ha I read it all with an accent anyway in my head. I always wondered why some things get spelled differently - do we use different dictionaries? Like color and favorite ~ why the extra "u"? Who knows!? I think it's cute. And mum and mom ~ over here a mum is a flower (short for chrysanthemum) ~ maybe over there it's chrysanthemom! ha ha

  6. Wonderful Janice very Autumnal or should that be Falllike. haha



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