Thursday, 29 October 2009

Irish boy band good looks

It's Friday Photo Flashback again and here is another of my DH's childhood memories in his own words!
Journalling on the tag: This photo must be around 1959, the yard is still cobble stones. In fact one of my dad's half brothers refused to help with concreting as he maintained that cattle would never keep their footing on concrete, unlike cobble stones which were so uneven they couldn't walk. This turned out to be completely unfounded and cattle and pigs, dogs and hens had absolutely no problem with it. Concrete was also much better for cycling roudn the yard than cobbles!

Journalling at bottom of page: My sister is on the left aged 6, I am on the right aged 3 (and my Irish boy band good looks are starting to develop) my cousin Gordon McGinley aged 2 is in the middle.

Papers: Betsytuma for Two Peas
Crayon Frame and Alpha: Amy Sumrall
Paint Splashes: Cottage
Font: Scrap Round


  1. Great journalling I just need a bigger photo to check out these good looks! lol


  2. Fab story behind the layout!!

    I really want to say that I know a boy band that has a vacancy but that would be just bad taste!! So I didn't say it I just thought it OK!!

  3. Those good looks started as a wee one! Whole project looks good!

  4. great photo and lo janice :) and like tracey i too need a bigger photo LOL

  5. Sorry about the photo girls, but the actual print is tiny - remember this was 1959! If I 'enbiggen' (Lisa Simpson eat your heart out) it any more it just pixelates. More photos coming soon, as the years pass the photo quality gets better.

  6. Shame about the lack of enbiggening! We'll just have to take Brian's unbiased opinion of his looks as gospel, huh? ;o) Great page Janice, love the journalling!

  7. How adorable is he!!!! I love all these b&w photos!

  8. This is a fab LO Janice and again I love the photo. I can just imagine the conversation about the cattle and concrete!! xx

  9. What a beautiful page! Your photo is very cute!


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