Saturday, 10 October 2009

Autumn Harvest - Snap it!

Some more digi-scrapping going on now. Over on Digital Craft Cottage, the team have set up a series of monthly challenges, the challenges will roll over each month with the same titles but different themes. This is 'Snap-it' a photographic challenge and we have been encouraged to get out an take some pictures of the current season wherever we are an as some members of the 'cottage' are in Australia, this can be very different. However it is still autumn (fall) here in Scotland so I've snapped some blackberries, elderberries and rose hips.

Kit: Laura Boetto, Raspberry Streudel, Font: Papyrus


  1. That's lovely again Janice, loving that deep maroony colour xx

  2. thats beautiful janice :)
    i really wish i could do digi stuff :)

  3. Love the rich colours - beautiful LO x

  4. Great autumnal layout! Love the colours with the berry photos, just lovely!

  5. This looks so 'real' Janice. It has a depth to it. I love the pics you have taken XXX


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