Saturday, 31 October 2009

Come into my parlour...

This is the first Soartful challenge in the new challenge home so maybe that is why Jeanette has chosen the image above as inspiration.

Your inspiration image this week is
'Welcome to my Parlor'

If you join me in my parlour, we can share some tea and cakes, you can kick off your shoes and I will admire your lovely new handbag while we discuss the latest fashions.

Image of woman: Art Freebies
Table, teapot and cake stand: MLE Card, Tealicious
Handbag and shoes: Pixelgeek Designs, TGIF
Dream Word art and Glitter Splash:


  1. Janice, Yes I did use the parlor image to say welcome. This is just what a parlor is for...entertain guest with lovely tea and cakes. I love this.

    Thanks for being Soartful this week.

  2. Fabulous!!
    This is such a fun challenge to see what everyone does!!!

  3. Beautiful alteration of the 'parlour, Janice!

  4. Tea and cake - great additions to any parlour! Fab take on the piccie!

  5. Very lovely. Great how you did the wall, Looks like a great place to have tea.


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