Sunday, 27 October 2013

In my garden in October

Between the showers today, I popped outside to take a few quick photos.  The one above is of my 'Beauty Bush', I've had this shrub for about 15 years and although it has occasionally decided to flower, I have never had berries on it.  Aren't they an amazing colour?  I'm sure it's in the wrong place but I don't think I'll be moving it now.

The leaves are falling from the trees now, particularly as it has been really windy today.  Here in the south west of Scotland we are missing the worst of the storms predicted for the south of England, however we did have 50mph gusts and lots of leaves had gathered between the path and the grass.

Lovely Gentian, still blooming despite the weather.
 This Polyanthus also provides a splash of colour.

The glorious blue skies make this look like a summer day but the brief spells of sunshine were interspersed with very heavy showers and sometimes the sky in front of the house was blue and the behind the house it was very, very dark!  You can see that our field is full of water, the usual 'pond' is about a third of the size of this, fortunately it is far enough away from the house not to cause any alarm.

Stay safe everyone.


  1. Wow Janice you're right those berries really are an amazing colour, wonderful to see something so bright in the garden at this time of year.

    Lets hope the wind forecast is not too bad.


  2. They are lovely berries. I've never seen them before, I love the name. The rest of your photos are lovely as well


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