Tuesday, 8 October 2013


The word for this month's 'Let's Reflect' at Lucky Snapping is IRRESISTIBLE and it's supposed to be about things that are irresistible for me. One of the things I never tire of, is taking photographs of the wildlife around the farm and this morning there was an irresistible opportunity right in front of me.

Two swans had come to visit our flooded field, remember how irresistible it was to the cattle?  They were paddling about in it last week and still are, although the water has gone down a bit now.  There are often swans down at the river but they rarely come onto our little bit of flooded field so this was a bit of a treat and totally IRRESISTIBLE! 

It looks like they were finding something irresistible to eat under the water.

The ducks were pretty happy with whatever they were feeding on too.

Now back to the photo prompt for this week 'Things we can eat'  Yesterday was Mince Monday and today is Tomato Tuesday.

Sliced Tomato

And here is the Bagel BLT that I made for our lunch.  It's so much easier to do these challenges when I am not at work and lunches are so much more fun. I'm sure you don't need a recipe to make this, but here is how I made this 'irresistible' sandwich.

Bagel BLT

1 Bagel, split and toasted
2 tsp mayonnaise
3 rashers bacon
1 tomato
2 leaves of cos/romaine lettuce
Cucumber (Bread and Butter) pickle, or other relish

1. Grill or fry the bacon until crisp.
2. Spread the mayonnaise onto to both sides of the toasted bagel
3. Top the base of the bagel with the bacon, then lettuce and tomato.
4. Add the pickle or relish.
5. Top with the bagel lid

You will need a napkin or piece of kitchen roll when you eat it as it oozes out!


  1. I just re-discovered Bagels 2 weeks ago and started buying some again, so this is going to be perfect for me. xxx

  2. This week will be perfect for you with all your cookery knowledge.
    Those swans are beautiful.

  3. The swans are beautiful. How lucky you are to get to see them. We have ducks and other water fowl, but never swans. Your BLT looks good but I am old school and still prefer mine on regular toasted bread. Bagels have too many carbs for me as well though I do have one for breakfast every once in a while. Great post!

  4. The bagel looks fab, napkins are a very good idea :-)

    The swans are beautiful, what a treat.

  5. Love the irresistable swans, never thought about what I find irresistable!

    Need to think about T as I was going to do Tomatoes too, maybe a soup instead :)

  6. Gorgeous post from a genuine chef!
    I really like your culinary blog, too!

  7. Lovely swans. Love bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese in them ....yummy. xx


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