Monday, 7 October 2013

The things we eat - M

M is for Mince

I'm trying to  take part in this week's photo challenge for Lucky Snapping because it's about food! Here is the challenge Anne set for us:

"As of our photo challenge, let it be a bit more " challenging " this week : Let's take a photo of things we can eat, starting with any of the letters of the week days : M, T, W, F, S and if you want to (no pressure), you even can upload the recipe."

Mince doesn't seem very inspiring but I have to say this particular recipe which includes tomato puree, soy sauce and balsamic vinegar is very tasty indeed.  It will be featuring with the recipe soon ,as part of a pie recipe on Farmersgirl Kitchen, my cooking blog. 


  1. Oh Wow, I had forgotten you were in food business, you are going to give us such nice tastes !!!! xx

  2. Janice I too have chosen M for minced beef as I taught this last night for freshers course I am doing for Brighton Uni students!! need to find time now to b log!! too tired last night!

  3. I love mince as it is so versatile

  4. So, I learned something new today. What we call 'ground beef', you call mince or beef mince. Interesting. I use it quite often for so many things as it is a very versatile ingredient. Looks yummy!

  5. It does look good, we had it for dinner last night, a more healthy version just with veggies but I love it with a suet crust topping :-)

  6. We eat a lot of mince, in fact some is browning now for a chilli tonight. x


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