Monday, 4 November 2013

The view and a walk by the river

The sky was blue and even though there was a cold north east wind blowing, I decided it was time I went out for a walk down to the river at the bottom of our fields.  I've posted this photograph of the flying ducks (just like the little ornaments your gran had on the wall) as it is my favourite photograph from today.  I took my DSLR today and was glad that I did, the compact is great and nice and light to carry but you don't get this kind of shot with a compact!

More ducks, they were all swimming about at the edge of the river, but took off when they noticed me.  I think they are more used to a different kind of shooting and are wary of people.

Here they are minding their own business until I pitched up!

And here are the sheep, studiously ignoring me  in favour of a bit of autumn grazing.   I love that tree, it is such good shape, proper tree shape, if you know what I mean.

And here is The View in November.  I had to take it from the back kitchen window rather than from upstairs as we are using that room as a bedroom at the moment as we have had to evacuate our bedroom due to dry rot, it's a long story and the work won't be compelted until February.  Anyway, my dressing table is in front of the window so I can't get close enough to take my usual View photo. 

It was pretty frosty yesterday morning, the first time we have had a white frost this autumn, later it turned out to be a horrible wet, windy day.


  1. brrr very cold looking Janice. Great photos though. And hope the work in your bedroom gets completed quickly.


  2. Absolutely stunning photos Janice, I can't pick a favourite! Thanks for hanging in there with taking your view photos. I hope you are happy with the record at the end of the year.

  3. Congratulations - despite the cold - great pictures!

  4. Beautiful pictures of Autumn by the river. getting cold here too !

  5. Beautiful Photos, Janice. Yes Winter is coming. I hope not too soon. I'm sorry to hear about the rot. It has to be dealt with quickly doesn't it before it spreads.

  6. Beautiful photos. You are so good with a camera and have such a good eye. I have never been any good at it. Sorry for your problem with the dry rot. It always seems like it is something doesn't it?

  7. The November weather is quite awful really but your views are still stunning. The tree is really just perfect!

  8. Looks like a lovely autumn/winter's day for a stroll. That tree does look lovely, bet it would look great taken at night with a full moon lighting it :) xx


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