Sunday, 13 January 2013

Snow Glow!

One of the workmen from the waterboard has turned to snow!  I can't take credit for this snowman, my son and his wife made it for my little grandson, complete with hi-vis jacket and traffic cone!
Hasn't he got a lovely smile?


  1. hahaha He does indeed have a lovely smile! Now all you need is a snow dog and you will have the perfect Christmas film. haha


  2. He's a beauty Janice!! xxx

  3. What a hoot!!

    My DH asked where you live with that snow? I have forgotten!!

  4. What an amazing country we live in.. It was almost okay to be out in Truro today without a jacket.. X

  5. Fortunately, it didn't freeze overnight, it seems to be a bit wet out there. Lynne: I live in SW Scotland.

  6. Great picture!
    He is Gorgeous!
    I love snowmen - they makes me more happy!

  7. haha I love him!!!!!!!!!! xxx


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