Thursday, 24 January 2013

Lucky Snapping - a Quotation

This week Lynne has provided us with a quotation to inspire our creativitity.

There are 3 things that a child can teach an adult
To be happy for no reason

To be always be busy doing something

And to know how to demand – with all one’s might- what one wants”    ~ Paulo Coelho

This is our home taken looking across our 'wee' field last Sunday.  I love living here and my home is very important to me.  Some weekends I come home on Friday night and don't leave home again until Monday morning to go to work.  It makes me happy for many reasons and none, it just does.

I am always busy doing something, even when I watch TV I am usually knitting or looking at a magazine or maybe online checking websites and tweeting!  But I'm most often busy in my kitchen and this week, as it is the season, I was making marmalade with seville oranges.

What I want right now is to be in a warm place where I can swim in an outdoor pool and soak up the sun.  I'm not sure about demanding, I've found that is not particularly effective.  We wont get that sunny poolside experience this year as we are going on holiday in March so let's hope we get a little sun in the UK this year.

Thanks for the quote Lynne, it made me think about what makes me happy, what I am busy doing and what I would like to be doing!


  1. It has been lovely catching up on everyone's blogs today. Great photos!

  2. Seville Oranges. They remind me of when Mum used to make marmalade at this time of year. I loved the smell. You house must smell wonderful just now.

  3. It is great to just have time at home isn't it, no rat race, no rush, just a place you like.. But oh the sun and a swim.. Mmm nice x

  4. Can I join you in the warm place ? Amazing all your snow is gone !

  5. I believe we all think alike! Great reading your blog. I love the picture of the oranges and I bet your marmalade is yummy!

    Is anyone having problems with being able to see Kim's blogs? It will not grant me access?

  6. Yes Joy re Kim's blog :(

    Janice, love the smell of oranges always makes me feel christmassy. I to love just being at home and pottering around, it is as if I need to spend time here as well. x

  7. Excellent post and photos - congratulations!
    So nice thoughts, well done!
    I am very glad that I saw the farm, saw you! And these oranges - great idea!
    Good luck!

  8. Thank you Janice, glad you have enjoyed thinking about yourself this week through the quote I gave everyone. It has certainly made me think!!

  9. nothing like home and I am the same...cannot sit and do nothing- even struggle 'just' to watch tv. Lovely pictures.

  10. Yes, I sometimes save a programme to watch and get absorbed in something else and then realise it has finished and I haven't taken in a thing!

    Home is the best place.


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