Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013

We do not make a huge fuss of New Year in our house, but had a family lunch and toasted 2013 with a glass of Cava.  I have some nice things to look forward to in 2013: in March we are going on a river cruise in the South of France, it will also be my mother's 80th birthday and we are planning a trip to London together.  I also have another grandchild due in May and my sister-in-law will celebrate her 60th birthday in June.  So the first half of the year will be rather eventful!

I have no specific resolutions for this year, however I will continue to go to the gym twice a week to improve my fitness and carry on keeping my food portions small to keep my weight in check.  I'd like to try and fit in some 'physical' as well as digital crafting and I am going to take part in the 'Lucky Snapping' challenges so I continue to take lots of photographs.

So here we go...2013

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