Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Lucky Snapping in 2013 - January View

Well, here I am starting another photo blogging challenge this time there will be a variety of photographs and only occasional scrapping.  There will be different challenges organised by a variety of different creative people at Lucky Snapping in 2013  The first is described, by Jen, below:

                                 The View challenge

So this challenge is to decide on a view that you love and take a photo of it at some point this week, when the light is good and/or you have time. Over the year we will then have one photo a month of that view which will show the changes in the seasons. 

It was pouring with rain this morning when I got up, so I thought that as this is probably our most prevalent weather feature, I would see if I could take a view from one of the windows in our house as this might prove more sustainable!  The window I chose faces West and has two alternative views:

This one, which features our 'swamp' area full of willow trees, it floods regularly. The water has just gone down, but no doubt it will be filling up again soon.

And this one which features the farm sheds, the patio and there should be fields and hills in the backgound but today they are obscured by a thick mist!

In the end I decided to use the second view because there will be changes on the patio when the beech hedge turns green and the bulbs come out in spring.  Then in summer, the patio table and chairs will be put in place and the tubs will be filled  with bedding plants.  The fields and hills behind will change too as they go through the farming seasons and you might even catcg a glimpse of the calves.

There is a scrapping part to this challenge, so I may be back with a layout for the view later.


  1. We also had a miserable weather this morning, after a beautiful blue sky yesterday. It's going to be so interesting to see how the surrounding of the farm will change and I look forward to see the animals. It's a bit like installing a webcam and coming back in a month ! I think this challenge will be a lot of fun !xx

  2. Those are great views and I look forward to seeing them change. I am off out in the rain to get one of mine too :D xx

  3. Hi Janice Happy new Year again!!

    Glad you have taken a sustainable view too, sitting in my craft room about to do a %X& LO for the mini book :)

  4. you did have some mist in the view didnt you....looks like a beautiful view, will be good to see the changes.

  5. I'm really looking forward to seeing your view changing

  6. Hi Janice .. great to know you have joined us .. xx it will be interesting to see if our weather is better this year!


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