Sunday, 13 January 2013

Snow Day!

Remember yesterday's photo looking up our road at the workmen digging up the road?

What a difference a day makes!!!

Here is my 'Lucky Snapping' View today

and some other views around the farm house

I like this one looking across the back garden from the window at the top of the stairs.  The photos are not too bad with my little compact camera.  I do miss my DSLR though, I am so used to it, but it has gone to have the 'door' where you put in the memory card, fixed.  I couldn't carry on with an elastic band around it forever!

If the snow stops we might even get out and make a snowman!


  1. It looks so different. You were talking about snow yesterday, I hope it only will bring you fun and no problems ! xxx

  2. Oh no Janice you did wonder yesterday!! It looks so pretty to photograph, just hope you don't Have probs tomorrow, take care and warm xx

  3. It looks so beautiful Janice, but take care and keep warm. I bet Travis is loving it! xxx

  4. I think you must use one of these for your January 'view' as it fits in with Jen's poem too doesn't it xx Hope it doesn't create too much trouble geting about if it stays x


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