Thursday, 27 December 2012

Special - 365+1

There are so many special things going on over the Christmas holidays that it is hard to decided what to show.  I made these 'Cookie Dough' truffles for our family party in November, they are full of butter and sugar and chocolate chips, very rich and very special.  Those with a sweet tooth just love them.

I've had a quiet day, making soup from the turkey carcase and baking the 'Herman the German' friendship cake I was given just before Christmas, it had reached day 10 and was ready to be made.  It's a lovely cake, but I had to freeze it as we have so much cake in the house!  Not long to go on this 366 journey, can't believe we are nearly at the end already.


  1. Your Cookie Dough truffles look fantastic.
    I was also given a Herman the German last year. Really funny thing to do !

  2. Your truffles sounded so yummy I had to look up the net to see if I could find a recipe. Found one which sounds as yummy as yours look.

  3. they look lovely :) we are nearing the end now arent we....wonder what 2013 will bring

  4. Herman has been here too :)

    Those truffles look adorable, clever you.

    I can't believe it is nearly over too. x

  5. Those truffles look lovely! BRAVO!
    Again, I admire your design!

  6. Those Truffles look really yummy.


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