Saturday, 8 December 2012

365+1 Week of Photos and Layouts

Curved 031212

Some of my grandson's toys which stay in our house.  This ball has entertained him since he was very little.

Couple 041212
I love this digital kit by Maya de Groot, it's called Santangle and is well matched to the double pot, which I have Christmasfied and filled with a 'couple' of pots of preserves to give to my friend as a gift.

Corner 051212
This cosy corner is in our living room, on the floor below the  light are my many Scrapbook magazines.

Curly 061212
Since I had my hair cut short, I haven't needed my straightners, but when I let it grow a little longer, it curls up at odd angles and they are required again.

Comfort 061212
We received this Christmas card from Viking River Cruises, we have a river cruise booked for March, it can't come soon enough!

Mundane 081212
My Birkenstocks are my everyday slippers, easy to wear and very comfortable. I love the purple straps, but as I see them every day, they do seem mundane.

Well that's the end of the catch up, I thought I woudl hvae more time to scrap last week, but it hasn't been possible.  I just have to get through this month to complete my 365+1 for 2012.


  1. great to see you with a catch up, great photos and the cosy corner of your living room.

  2. Well done Janice this month really seems a struggle....more than ever before, is it because we are nearly at the end of the challenge or because Christmas is coming?
    well what ever keep going we will get there :)

  3. Looking great Janice and yes I think we will all be glad to get to the end of it now! xxx

  4. Great catch up Janice. The end of the year is getting busier and busier here too !


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