Sunday, 2 December 2012

Fly North! - 365+1

It's been a very cold day here in Scotland with frost and ice on the roads, it's never really thawed out the way it did yesterday and in places it is sheet ice.  Nice day for photos though, so I went out for a while to see what I could take.  I thought these geese flying back up north in their ragged, sweeping formations were perfect for the  'Random Aysymmetry' prompt.

Here are a few more photos I took today.

Ice in the road

Robin Red Breast

Frosty Ferns
Snow on the distant hills


Anne said...

Beautiful pictures Janice. There is no doubt winter is getting installed !

Kristina said...

Wonderful pictures! I especially love the birds - the geese and the robin.

Helen said...

beautiful photos- hope you took it easy on all the ice

Jennie Hart said...

Those are stunning photos Janice, love the ice road one especially, and of course the robin!

Lynne said...

I too love your winter photos. Well done with the geese flying too xx

viv said...

Great photos. I love watching geese fly over.