Saturday, 22 December 2012

Something Green - 365+1

Today I have been busy in the house, washing floors, hoovering, baking cookies and wrapping presents.  No photos taken today, but last weekend I did walk out to one of our fields which has just been re-fenced.  I got this shot of a gorse bush, so that will be my 'something green'.

I hope everyone is getting on with their preparations and will soon be ready to enjoy some time with friends and family.


  1. sounds like a busy day for you.

  2. Love the echo :)

    Hoping to get back into the christmas spirit tomorrow, working full-time has put the dampeners on it in more ways than one :D xxx

  3. Beautiful photo, Janice. I also spent a lot of time packing it all yesterday. xxx

  4. I love gorse, sea breezes and brisk walks.. and hats off to you for all these great loayouts, you are the best 365=1 er I reckon, so dedicated to the cause! Happy Christmas xx


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