Saturday, 29 December 2012

Frozen Primula - 365+1

It's a free choice today, so I've gone back to the beginning of December for this photograph of the primulas in our garden when we had a hard frost.  It may be a little more frosty tonight, but last night it was very windy and wet, I could hear the wind howling round the house and down the chimney as I lay in bed.  I prefer the frost!  The digital kit is Botanica from Coppercurls Designs.


  1. Great shot and love the layout, those colours are lush :) xxx

  2. great picture, we had the wind and more rain today too :(

  3. yes, a beautiful photo, Janice.

    I found some flowering in our garden today.

  4. Very mild here. Damp, grey and windy. We have a few flowers trying to flower or last but not like these primula xx


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