Sunday, 15 January 2012

365+1 - Generosity

Kit: Gingerscraps - scrap your life
This was a challenging prompt,  I thought about showing the pile of stuff I have ready for the charity shop or the envelope we are sending off an old mobile phone in but somehow that seemed rather unexciting.  So when I saw our friends arrive to have another go at cutting up the beech tree which had come down with the strong winds, I thought it would make an ideal subject.  We don't have any wood burning stoves so have given them the wood.  In return they are cutting it up and getting it off our field. So Generosity on both sides and mutual benefit.

Interesting how many men it takes to watch a young lad chop up a log, isn't it?


  1. lol Janice! Poor chap! Hope they relented and helped him in the end and didn't just stand about telling him he was doing it all wrong haha! Lovely generosity :)

  2. I struggled with this one too, but I love what you have found to illustrate it. Clever!

  3. Our log burner was lit yesterday for the first time this Winter; nothing as calorific as beech available though, just rotting pine logs from trees felled four years ago and this year's prunings from the carob!

  4. Just catching up with three days of your photo prompts - love the fridge one and this one is a good idea (not sure yet what to do for this one) x

  5. Well I bet they are offering him their wisdom on how best to chop it! hahaha :)

    Great photo.


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