Saturday, 14 January 2012

365+1 - Guilty Pleasures

Kit - Coppercurls Designs, Botanica
I am a bit of a social media junkie, but have been  surprised how Twitter has invaded my life and how many fabulous friends I have made using only 140 characters per tweet!


  1. lol! I'm a bit of twitter lurker I must admit, don't really say much! :)

  2. Facebook games were becoming a bad habit so I have started blogging again instead. I'm a Twitter newbie, but have found some very amusing people to follow!

  3. Janice I love how you have made a LO for all your photos for the challenges. Each one has been made so special xxx

  4. My daughter is twitter mad- she loves following people. Love the way you have done this one.

  5. just been catching up on your blog Janice - such gorgeous pictures and all with such meaning - is cheese all thats in your fridge?? lolxx

    I'm with Suzie on the twitter lurking front..xx


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