Thursday, 19 January 2012

365+1 Bad for You

DSD by Athena, Noteworthy
I have a great job, but because of where I live it means I need to do a long commute on the train two or three times a week, it makes makes me really tired.  When I see the big pile of train tickets that accumulate in my bad I realise how bad it is for me.  This week I only had one trip on the train and I feel much better.


  1. One of my friends has just taken a new job where she does lots of travelling and feels much the same as you. I only work weekends and luckily it's really close!

  2. It must make the day so long when you have to travel like this.I agree, it is bad for you. Love the L/O

  3. isn't it weird how train journeys make you sleepy when all you're doing is sitting there!!??
    lovely lo janice:)

  4. It's funny, I used to quite enjoy my hour long journey into work, but now that I don't do it I can't imagine anything worse! Do you get lots of reading done?!


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