Saturday, 15 May 2010

With this ring...

My elder son, Steven, married Shona yesterday and I thought I'd share some photographs with you.
Here they are signing the register, with Shona's sister Melissa, chief Bridesmaid, and Steven's best friend Will who was Best Man.

The groom and all the men in the bridal party wore kilts, as did many of the guests.  The couple were piped to and from the wedding ceremony.

It was a very wet day, but there was a brief respite in the weather and we got some photographs taken outside,  here I am with my husband Brian.

I loved my hat!

My younger son, Andrew and his girlfriend, Hazel.

and my best friend, Avril with Hazel.

I'll post more family wedding photos tomorrow, hope you are enjoying them as much as we enjoyed the wedding.


  1. I have been so looking forward to seeing these pictures ~ and they are lovely! Beautiful couple! And you, Janice... you look smashing! I love the hat too! The photo of you and your husband is so nice I want to frame it and hand it in MY home! :)

    Oh, Boy... there are more to come. Can't wait.

    So happy for you and the newlyweds.

  2. Congratulations to them both Janice!! You look the very essence of the proud mother!

    Ooh, and the kilts.... were they worn traditionally? Hope it wasn't a windy day! ;-)


  3. awe, beautiful photographs Janice. Thank You for sharing them. Glad the rain held off for a little while at least. Hope you will all have wonderful memories to cherish. Love Gez.xx
    btw... can't wait to see more. :D

  4. Smiles all round - looks fab! Your outfit looks great, hope the hat finds another occasion to come out to play!

  5. Love the photos, Janice - look forward to seeing more.


  6. Lovely photos. Glad the day went well....x

  7. Great photos Janice - hope to see more! I don't mind you scrap away. The layout is wonderful and the bridesmaid is so cute.

    Congratulations to Steven and Shona. Your outfit is lovely as are the kilts!


  8. You look amazing Janice and I love that hat!!! X


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