Friday, 20 July 2007

Flash Flood

On Wednesday night I set off home from work as usual. It was dry and dull in Dumfries. As I reached the top of the hill after Torthorwald, a heavy thunder shower started, then it simply did not stop. There was a lot of traffic and everyone slowed right down, as we started to descend the road was filling up with water. It was pouring off the fields in great fountains, reddish brown and full of soil. On the road it was like the tide coming in, great waves of water swooshing across the road, it was about 4 inches deep in places and I suddenly thought about those film clips you see on TV where cars are swept away - a very scary moment.

Further down the road it was covered in stones swept onto the road by the water. Water was bubbling up through the drains in Lochmaben but the water level was much lower. As I drove out of Lochmaben towards home the road became dry, there had been no rain there at all. It was the worst drive I have had since we had a major snow fall and I had to get home, I thought that time I wouldn't get there.

Of course, because it had not been raining like that anywhere else, only those who were there could really understand how frightening it was.

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