Tuesday, 17 July 2007

First Post - Why I am Blogging

I started creating felt handbags in June 2005 after attending a one day course in wet felt making. I was really hooked and had a lot of positive comments about the bags. Last year I launched my website www.janicepattie.co.uk to try to expand my sales beyond local craft fairs.

I've come to a bit of a turning point, because sales from the website never really took off, so I am probably not going to renew the e-shop package that I bought last year, but go for something simpler.

I thought that I would try a blog to see if that would be a possible alternative or addition to a simpler website.

Creatively, I have also found that the felt jewellery I have started making is selling better than the bags, so I need to work on that. All this is done in my spare time as I work full-time to pay the bills!

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