Sunday, 21 April 2013

Musical Nostalgia!

When I saw the theme that Kathi Jo had chosen for Lucky Snapping this week, I immediately thought about these digiscrapping layouts which I made in 2008 for a challenge at, a now defunct, digi-scrapping forum.  Matthew and Son by Cat Stevens was the first record I ever bought in 1966, I still love it and at least it isn't something embarassing! Speaking of embarassing...that's me with our cat 'Jasper' round about the time I bought the record.

The second layout features Joni Mitchell's Miles of Aisles.  I think I bought this in 1976, just before I left home to go to university.  When I played it at home as my Dad always called her 'that wailing woman'!  It was a double album and I played it again and again.  I still listen to it to this day, it's a live album and contains a lot of her best work.  I highlighted the lyrics to Carey as that is probably my favourite track, it's one of the more upbeat tracks and always makes me smile.  I continued to buy Joni Mitchell's work, she hasn't done any new work recently, just re-worked old stuff, and I managed to see her in concert just the once.

It took some digging about in my folders to find these layouts, as my digital filing system leaves a lot to be desired, but I'm glad I did.


  1. Ahh I just love going back to old layouts, my first Music one was The Days of our Lives by Queen and I did a set of images of then and now in my birthplace.. I really enjoyed it, proper scrapbooking! xx

  2. Well done Janice, really enjoyed reading about Cat Stevens as yes as a non music lover I do remember him and listening to his music :)

  3. Lovely layouts and memories to go with them.x

  4. Love the layouts Janice. Not familiar with Joni Mitchell's work other than Big Yellow Taxi. But I do know the Cat Steven's song.



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