Monday, 1 April 2013

The View - April 2013

So here we are at the beginning of another month,  starting our April Lucky Snapping Challenges with 'The View'.  The blue skies are somewhat deceptive as there is still a very cold wind blowing and, if you look closely, you can see the snow that remains in the shady parts of the hill.  We missed the snow as we were on holiday in France, but it seems to have been a heavy fall and they needed the snow ploughs to clear the roads.

Jennie has reminded us about the Sara Coleridge poem which charts the months and the seasons. Our primroses, took a bit of a battering with the snow and the cold winds but they are hardy little plants and it's good to see their sunny little faces between the crocuses.

You can see that there is still snow lying at the side of the road, it's just too cold for it to melt away in the shadow of the hedge.

Another sign of spring is the sheep with lambs that are in the field next to us.  I think they thought I was going to feed them as they all came running to see me!

This one was very brave, but he did have his mum close by!

And here is our first 'naturalised' daffodil bending it's bud over and showing a little tip of yellow.  The daffodils grow up the sides of our road and would usually all have been flowering by now.

Looking forward to April's challenges as I was very busy in March and wasn't able to take part in all of them.


  1. Glad your back and saying similar things to me today, daffodils are behind in flowering, sun is out but still very cold.

    Love seeing areas of your farm and how lucky you were to miss this last snow fall!!

  2. Blogger is playing up, I have just tried to post twice! Great photos and the photo looks brighter, even if there is snow. Love that Lamb and well done on finding the primroses...Right it better not throw me out again! x

  3. What lovely photos Janet. Spring is so lovely on a farm but I know it's very hard work.

  4. Good to see the sunshine in your view I do hope is will stick around for a while now.


  5. What a beauty! Real April!
    Viv is right - the farm is great. There, people work hard! Congratulations!

  6. Lovely pictures! The daffodils in my garden are about 8-10 cm hign without any buds showing! The sunshine is also something I haven't seen for a long long time - but one can see that it is really still very cold. I hope there wasn't any snow in France and you had a lovely time.

  7. Lovely selection of photos and it looks like spring has arrived with you. x


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