Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Cloak of Invulnerability

I have found it difficult to decide what I can publish for Anne's "vulnerable" prompt and may write in more detail in my art journal, probably in a hidden panel. The reason for this is mostly about the vulnerability of others. The job I have. involves me in supporting people with different levels of vulnerability. I've been doing that for over 30 years, now I manage others to support those who are vulnerable. This, in turn, has revealed both the vulnerability of some of those staff and my own vulnerability. As my boss said to me "no one ever considers that we have feelings too".
In my home life, I also have a role to support family at both ends of the age spectrum, it seems that there is often no space for me to be vulnerable, I must always be the problem-solver, the strong one who copes.
I don't want it to seem like I am complaining, most of the time I am indeed that strong capable person, however underneath the Cloak of Invulnerability, I too can feel vulnerable.
Yesterday, there were some things going on which really got me down. My son came home from work and he came in for an update, I must have let the cloak slip as he asked me if I wanted a hug. It was the perfect response and as we hugged I felt so much better.
So next time you are feeling vulnerable, don't wait till someone offers, ask for a hug and let some one wrap you in their Cloak of Invulnerability. With apologies to JK Rowling.


  1. I can identify so well with what you wrote. Being strong can be a bit of a curse because without thinking, people expect you to be the strong person and it puts a lot of pressure and it makes you more vulnerable than others. In fact you explained brilliantly what I feel. . Glad you got your big hug.
    I thought you were "only" involved in food business, I would love you talk about your supporting job one day, if you feel like. xxx

  2. Thanks Anne. The food thing is my hobby, not enough money in it to live on! I don't talk about my work online, but if we should ever meet I would be happy to tell you all about it.

  3. Glad you got a hug Janice, don't like to think of my smiley "cyber sister" feeling down. You are one special lady.

    x x


  4. Thanks Tracey, I'll survive. Just a lot on at the moment at work and at home.

  5. Sending you a huge hug Janice, I wish I could deliver it in person xxx

  6. I love hugs but then I am a touchy feely person and happy for people to come into my body space!!

    Take care and hope all the things going on at home and work settle soon,I often think after a good holiday 'normal' life (what ever that means!!)is difficult !

  7. I too get what you mean,when you are the runner and the do-er and the sorter it isn't easy when you wish someone would just take the weight for a bit.. I had goodbye hugs from my mini-Col yesterday evening as he left for college.. he is just like a younger version of his Dad..awhhh and now I miss him..x


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