Sunday, 15 July 2012

three day 365 catch-up

Flower 13.07.12

I've been away for the weekend, so am late with my layouts for 356.  As there were three to do, I have kept them very simple.

Motion Blur 14.07.12

Literature 15.07.12
Thank you for visiting, hoping to be back on track for the rest of the week.


  1. Beautiful photos and layouts. Love the one with all the cookery books

  2. lovely layouts, the waves are great for motion and gorgeous colour of the flower

  3. The matching colors on the flowers LO is divine. Love the sea too.

  4. Speed scrap and blog prize to you .. like the motion picture and layout especially x

  5. Janice hope your weekend was relaxing? The pinks in the first layout is very vibrant. And wow how many cookery books do you have? :)

  6. wow the motion blur is a fab photo!! makes me want to go to the sea side and dip my feet into the surf!
    Well done on not only catching up with the photos, but also making layouts AND blogging them!


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