Monday, 23 July 2012

NIne - 365+1

DSD by Athena - Basics
I'm not very pleased with the people at 3 mobile just now, we moved our network to them a couple of months ago and all was going really well, much better than previous provider.  But since Friday, we have had hardly any signal at all.  They say that they are working on the transmitter, let's hope it is fixed soon!


  1. Great interpretation. All providers seem to have slow or weak times but funnily enough this is never pointed out when you sign up with them. They only mention the fastest connection.
    Hope it is fixed soon, well done on uploading at all.

  2. Hope you get sorted soon...I like the take on the prompt :)

  3. Yeah! Awesome! I really like the idea and colors!
    /If I was so clever - now I'm already finished with my project!/
    Congratulations and I wish you success!

  4. Brilliant idea !
    We haven't been upset with Three yet, but Vodafone, Orange and Virgin are on our baddies list !!!

  5. Very clever to use multiples of 3 for the prompt.

    Fingers crossed the connection is sorted by now. :)


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