Sunday, 26 December 2010

Geese and Spiders

 This morning we noticed that some geese had landed in the field behind out shed, they were pecking away at what little grass they could find under the snow.  I got a couple of sneaky shots before they spotted me and flew off.
While I was out there I noticed that we had some amazing spider webs.  You would think that spiders wouldn't be out and about making webs in this cold, but they have been very busy and the frost makes the webs look particularly pretty.

We are due to get some more snow this evening although it is a little milder than it has been in the past couple of weeks, it seems to feel colder particularly when the freezing fog sets in.


  1. Hello, Janice~

    I just love your photos of the spider webs! Great captures!

  2. brrrrrr! very beautiful photos and the spiders webs are impressive.

    Fingers crossed that the next lot of snow won't hang around for long.


  3. would think those webs would collapse...just proves how strong they really are! Brilliant pictures honey x


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