Sunday, 19 December 2010

Everyone has snow!

Yes, I know everyone in the UK has snow, but I thought I'd show you mine anyway.  We had quite a heavy snowfall yesterday and a very heavy frost last night which looks like it will last for quite some time.

It was lovely at midday, but as soon as the sun started to drop in the sky, the freezing fog started to creep in from the river.


  1. Beautiful photos Janice I love the seed head one and the last one. Is that Brian strolling out into the sunset? hahaha


  2. I too love the seed head one - they are all lovely photos (but I still don't like the white stuff) x

  3. Love the last one best

  4. Snow is a hit and miss thing for us in the South! We have started out with some pretty cold days for us for December, but just not the right conditions for a snow. Your pictures are gorgeous, and I never tire of looking and wishing for a good snow!

  5. FAB photos Janice. :)
    Love Hazel's comment!!
    Hope it soon melts tho I don't think it will just yet. Take care.xx

  6. Oh stunning shots Janice...the seed head one is particularly beautiful & would look good on a Christmas card! xxx

  7. As Karen said the seed head is beautiful and would make a stunning card. Love your pics.
    Sue x


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