Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Drumlanrig Castle - the walk!


After the visit to the Christmas Fair, we set off on one of the walks round the estate.  We have had some snow but most of the white is frost and ice.

A light dusting of icing sugar!
Serious ice on the River Marr.

See what I mean about Narnia?  This is one of the 'Striding Arches' made by local and internationally renowned sculptor, Andy Goldsworthy.

Sun breaking through the cold and icy landscape

Drumlanrig Castle


  1. It does look like Narnia! Did you see any fawns? :)

    Hope you were able to keep warm on your lovely walk!

  2. Ooooo lovely scenery Janice. It looks so beautiful xx

  3. Thats stunning Janice...real winter wonderland! x

  4. Yes Janice those photos do look like Narnia - lovely. Now all we need is some Turkish Delight and hot cocoa :)

  5. Such gorgeous pictures Janice! x

  6. Gorgeous photography, Janice x

  7. what a fantastic place and lucky you getting to see an A Goldsworthy creation in person...what a magical place


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