Monday, 6 December 2010

Drumlanrig Castle Christmas Fair

Yesterday, I met a couple of friends and we went to the Drumlanrig Castle Christmas Fair and Farmers Market.  It was cold day but the sun was out so as long as you kept moving it was fine.

Here are some of the stalls,  I bought one of those big stalks of brussel sprouts, the guy said to pick them from the base and then put the stalk in water and it would keep for longer.

This is Mary the Fairy, she granted me a wish and sprinkled me with fairy dust!

They were also serving beer from Sulwath Brewery, one of the beers was 
served after putting a hot poker in it.  It made the beer hot in the middle and cold on the outside, fab!

There were some people there from Palaeoquest a company that specialises in training in hunter-gatherer living skills!

And this little fellow was available for photographs for a small donation.  Isn't he gorgeous?

I'll blog the walk in the woods tomorrow - it was very Narnia!!!


  1. Looks lovely Janice, good job it wasn't this week though!

  2. Looks like a fab market and a fab walk - don't envy the stallholders though, looks chilly to me!

  3. Are you sure that is not Harry Potter's Hedwig Janice he looks very familiar?

    It looks like a great day out.


  4. ooo how I would Love to visit something like this
    really wonderful pics
    thanks for sharing


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