Friday, 5 December 2008

Snow Day!

On Wednesday night it snowed quite heavily and it is still hanging about as it froze on the ground last night! I took a few pics just to show you what it was like, you would think I'd never seen snow before, but although I live in Scotland, we don't actually have much snow and it doesn't usually last.
It looks very pretty, but I'm not a big fan as it makes it difficult to get around. My MIL hasn't been able to get out of the house since Tuesday as the yard is too slippy and the farm road is still two tracks in the snow.

It seems to be raining tonight, so maybe that will help it to disapear.


  1. Although it is a pain in the bum with being icy it does look pretty.

    Trcey :)

  2. It might not be deep but it does look crisp and even! Hope it's less lethal now!

  3. Looks lovely especially as we haven't had any. Hope it eases off and goes away to help you get around more easily, Janice.


  4. Looks a bit chilly Janice. The trees look gorgeous. :)


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