Sunday, 25 May 2008


Okay, brace yourselves! This is a long post with many pictures - however, as the girl in Marks and Spencers said to my friend and I:"The Lake District is an unusual place to go for a Hen Weekend, would you not rather go to Blackpool?" Well no, actually we had a great time in the Lakes and this is the album I made to give to the bride to remind her of the fun we had. The album template was part of a kit from Bubbly Funk.
This is what the album looks like from the front now that it is filled up.
Inside the first page is the bride taking part in a Mr & Mrs contest, her groom had generously allowed himself to be videoed giving his answers -it was a lot of fun.

Everyone was instructed to bring silly headgear, that's the bride's mum in the England hat and her sister in the 'ears'. Also featuring is one of the highland cows that was just next to us behind that fence, and William the Westie (a familiar sight to regular readers of my blog).

More pics from the Mr & Mrs - and more silly hats.

Next day, sore heads were no excuse for not going to the Rookin House Activity Centre for a bit of Archery and some Human Bowling! My excuse was my sore shoulder which I didn't want to hurt, so I did get to sit this one out.
I wasn't quite sure how to get all the pictures into the album so I made this little pocket and three tags for the full effect of the human bowling.
And here are the pictures, including an action shot.

After the activities, we went to Glenridding to catch the Ferry across Ullswater, everyone was feeling rather tired by that time.
We had a picnic lunch on the side of Ullswater, that's me in the 'coat of many colours' with the big sunglasses.
On the back page is a picture of all of us, outside the fantastic cottages we stayed in. Jo (on the left) had to go home on Saturday night so I added her in. I'm the one in the yellow jumper.

Special thanks to Doreen and Jane for letting me use some of their photographs. The wedding is next Saturday, so there should be some more photos to blog after that.


  1. It looks as if you all had a super time. Love the album.

  2. janice,thats wnoderful,she'll love it. what a great keepsake to have.

  3. What a fabulous keepsake album! she's going to love that, Janice - such a lot of work and love in that, how could she not?!

  4. Janice that is a gorgeous album, she's going to treasure that.

    Well done you !!

  5. Wow you've been busy. The weekend looked fab, what a lovely keepsake for the Hen. lis xx

  6. WOW what a lovely keepsake for the bride Janice!!!! Clever girl X

  7. Blimey, that is fantastic, looks like everyone had a fabby time. Lovely keepsake, well done, Elaine x

  8. looks like a great time was had by all! and what a lovely keepsake forthe bride!

  9. I love your album, looks like alot of work has gone into it!


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