Saturday, 22 March 2008

Easter Treats

First some traditional Easter treats. These Easter Chocolate Fudge Cakes are from a recipe on the BBC Good Food webpages and very delicious they were too - lots left for tomorrow and Monday.
Next I am showing you the Maze book that Kathy Black made for Ellie Wiseman's Auction over on Bubbly Funk Forum. I was lucky enough to win this in the auction and it was worth every penny. I cannot believe how much work Kathy put into this book, everything is perfectly made and beautifully finished. I take it out and look at it, then wrap it up again. I will have to wait for a very special occasion before I put any photographs or journalling in this book.

I love the circle of flowers round this frame.

and the corset-like fastening of this secret place,

The tag comes out from behind the flower.

This is really beautiful with the heart shaped tag comeing out and the pretty frame with the flowers.

Another hidden place.

Even the back is fab, love this squared design

Last, but by no means least, in the Easter treats is the CD book made by Rosie (Freycob), another auction win. I put my crafty CDs in it last night, it is really too good to use every day. It's been sitting on the mantlepiece in our bedroom for a couple of weeks because it goes so well with the orange walls! Just in case you think that sounds a bit odd, the bedroom has a sort of Indian theme with shisha glass and an elephant patchwork hanging which I posted on here a long time ago. Also our house is an old one, hence the fireplace and black marble mantlepiece.
Anyway, it is pretty gorgeous, don't you think?


  1. Lucky you - chocolate cakes and lovely crafty goodies to admire! Kathy and Rosie did you proud by the looks of things, lots of lusciousness going on there :)

  2. 3 things Janice...

    1. I want one of those gorgeous looking cakes.

    2. I want Kathy's maze book because it's lush.

    3. I'm glad you liked your CD book. make sure you use it! LOL


  3. Mmmmm yummy cakes and yummy crafting!

  4. you lucky girl,what a wonderful book and cd holder you have there,both those girls are way too clever :)

    love the sound of orange walls,ours is yellow!!! wakes you up in the morning:)

  5. You lucky girl. everything looks fab, including the cakes.

    Happy Easter!

  6. Oooooh the cd holder book looks fab - what a great idea to store your craft cds in it - maybe you could add some sort of loop so you could hang it on the wall - then you'd have it handy, and also on display!

    Glad you liked the maze book, they are such fun to make - you should have a go


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