Monday, 17 March 2008

Mum's birthday

Here is the cake I made for my Mum's birthday.
We went out to a small restaurant within walking distance of her house and were joined by her closest friends. It was a lovely meal. I had crab tart, rib eye steak with a balsamic shallot reduction and hot chocolate fudge cake, yummy. Then we had some cake with our coffee.

Here we are then, me, mum and my sister.

And this is Brian my DH. By now you will have seen that there were indeed many bottles of wine - it is a bring your own bottle restaurant, so they put them all on the table, we only took two home

And here is a picture of young love! My DS2 and his Italian girlfriend, reading the menu: 'mmm what shall we have?'
It was a great night and I didn't get to bed till 1am, completely shattered on Sunday but had a good sleep last night and feel surprisingly well today. Just as well as I had to go for a steroid injection for my frozen shoulder, it didn't hurt much at all, just the usual injection feeling, hoping it will make a difference to the shoulder.


  1. That looks a gorgeous cake Janice....oh...ummmm...I did notice the bottles lol

  2. Fab photos Janice - your mum looks sooooo happy
    And that cake looks scrummy!

  3. Well, I can see where you inherited your smile from! Looks like you had a fab evening and the cake looks great, well done you!

  4. looks like a fun evening ,what a nice cake

  5. What a lucky mum you have there! Great cake and for her to be surrounded by her nearest and dearest too!

    That wasn't tiredness Janice, that was a hangover! Were the the bottles from your table or the whole restaurant?! LOL ;-)

  6. Lovely photos Janice, looks like you all had a great time!


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