Thursday, 27 December 2007

No pictures today

I didn't take any pictures on Christmas Day, there were too many sorry souls with the cold - red noses, bleary eyes, I just couldn't do it to them. My sister took some pics on Boxing Day when we visited my family and she is going share them with me, so I might get some to post in a day or so.

I had a lovely Christmas, got my Crop-a-dile, but haven't played with it yet. The Organised Scrapbooker book - I live in hope! I also got two books on Adobe Photoshop Elements, so now I will have to get down to mastering this programme so I can start to digi-scrap (that should be less messy). I got a beautiful pink cardigan and a pink and grey striped jumper from my Mum, it is lovely and soft and pretty, DVDs of old musicals that I love and a CD of James Taylor's greatest hits. And lots of chocolate, my great aunt gave me some chocolate covered mango slices from Hotel Chocolat - OMG they are fantastic.

Made a big pot of 'left overs' soup today and just going to make the supper using left over ham. Even though we still have stuff left, I had to go to Tescos today for milk, and it was mobbed.


  1. Aww, you could have done some fab LOs with 'red nosed rellies' - lol! Glad you've been having a good time and managed to escape from Tesco intact. DH is going v early tomorrow morning to stock up with the few bits we need for my parents being here. I use PSE, not sure I'll be any help but you can always ask just in case - I've made good friends with layers :o)

  2. I think I need one of the organiser books!

  3. I agree with Joanne - you could have done some fab 'red nose' layouts, lol !!
    Happy New Year Janice......x


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