Sunday, 9 December 2007

My 100th Post!

Just noticed that this is my 100th post for Serial Crafter - woo hoo!

I've been busy with my Christmas cards and a special one for my favourite dog and my bestest friend. I have made two of these cards one to give to my friend (and dog) and the other for her to send to the breeder that she got him from.
The first picture is on the front of the card and the one below is inside.


  1. What are you like? I sat there thinking "William? I don't think either of her sons is called William?" when I saw your BF post. Very cute though, like the Santa Paws sentiment :o)

  2. hope you are feeling better now. Love the card. Have you seen the new Sugar Nellie stamp with a Westie on it?

  3. Janice, you have just given me a great idea for my Maisy's cards! Love it, thanks!

    I'm off to check out Sugar Nellie's Westie stamp now too, thanks to Lythan!


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